A Most Intimate Prelude To ...

... a most sensuous kiss in the arms of a most voluptuous, seductive, flirtatious companion. I want you to engage with me entirely, pleasurably, and intimately for I most enjoy spending my time with mature, generous and discerning gents who appreciate the finer things in life - flirty conversation, mutual exploration of our bodies and desires, freedom from expectations.

My goal is to put a smile on your lips, a secret in your mind and to fill your heart with pleasure ... any and all exchanges are between consenting, mature adults.

A Most Intimate Touch ...

... sensual and therapeutic all wrapped up in one helluv-an erotic massage session. Trained and practicing since 2002, I offer a personally tailored experience not for the faint-of-heart ... deep sensations from the tips of your toes to the top of your 'head' ...

... call it what you will  - tantric, sensual or erotic - the 'art of massage' lies within the intentions of the giver and the soul of the receiver. Imagine ... you take in a deep breath and as you exhale, all your inhibitions are dissolved into the ether ... you sink deeper and deeper into my hands as they relax you of all your tensions. For those who want to simply experience an intimate encounter without "full" intimacy, an erotic massage is a perfect release.  

* please refer to rates page with regards to companionship & massage sessions

A Most Detailed Physical Description ...

measurements: 36G - 33 - 42

height: 5'6ish

hair: long, dark brown

eyes: sultry, brown 

lips: pouty, pink

complexion: smooth, olive

skin (texture): velvety soft

age: old enough to know better, young enough to not give a shit ;)

Most Admirable Reviews ...

... because this is my personal site and not a review board I expect to be showered with praise in a way only a lover of everything feminine can do. Although I do appreciate the more intimate details of a sensual tryst, be it in the early hours of a lazy afternoon or late into the dark hours of a steamy night's affair, this is not a public competition for Playboy Forum Stars. Please feel welcomed to share those details that make me wet, but let's keep it on the discreet side of sexy.

* I shall not insist on a DNR status, but if you prefer to write a review for a board I would greatly appreciate you keep the tone respectful and without 'Hustler' type details ...

I mean, we gotta keep something between friends, right? 

February 2014  "Her photos are accurate, but she looks younger than her pics would suggest ..." 


February 2014  " ... it doesn't get any better than this ..."

August 2014  "It was a warm day and she was naked except for a pair of sexy shoes ..."

June 2015  "Recommend: If you want big nattys and head game that would put an industrial shop vac to shame then YES"

June 2015  "She has very very soft skin. You can tell she takes care of her body and her skin very well the moment you touch and feel her." 




Added on June 23, 2017

I simply cannot come up with the words to adequately describe what a remarkable time it was being able to spend a morning with this woman. Silky soft smooth skin a delicious sense of humour and just pure sexiness. Nothing fake here she truly enjoys your company and after some recent Hollywood North performances I had almost forgotten what it is really supposed to be like between a man and a woman. Thank god I was lucky enough to come across her. Looking forward to next time. Treat her well or else.
Don Keydink

Added on November 22, 2013

A goddess, nothing less can describe this woman,. she is not a girl she is all woman. I have been to see her a few times now and every time makes me want to spend more time with her. I travel a long ways to see her, over 10 hours. But its worth it every time. Sensuous and sexy she is the complete package, she makes you feel like you're the one and only. You owe it to yourself to meet her and get to know her as I have. You won't be disappointed, at least not until its time to leave then reality will set in, The next day you'll be asking yourself, was that real? Did I really spend an evening with a goddess?

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