A Most Discreet Connection ...

It happens sometimes that I am not able to answer the phone ... I know, shame on me for not being omnipresent, but a girl's gotta get out and about once in awhile ;)  If ever this happens to you and you find yourself having to leave a message after the beep, please don't be shy leave your name, number and the best time to return your call. 


If you prefer to contact me via email and you know approximately how and when you'd like to spend our time together, below is a link to my email where you can be very detailed in your message ... and if I may be so bold, I do like the details.

If you've been yearning for a feminine caress and that caress is mine please try to prearrange a date - better luck happens when one is prepared. On that note my availability is:

Mondays thru Saturdays  11ish - 10ish

phone:  778.889.4004

email:  [email protected]

* to ensure a time is available upon request try scheduling in advance the day before.